Implications For Social Media Advertising Of iOS14’s New Privacy Features

A major upgrade to Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS v14, was published on September 16, 2020. Several improvements are included in the new operating system to make the iPhone more user-friendly. New to iOS 14 include a revamped home screen, numerous groundbreaking new features, updated applications, and enhanced Siri. In addition to a plethora of additional improvements that make iOS a more streamlined platform. Also, there have been some modifications to privacy settings in iOS 14. read more

A Guide to Using Instagram Giveaways to Attract New Followers

Humans have an insatiable need for giveaways.

In addition, “extreme couponers” aren’t the only ones who like this trend. Everyone enjoys a bargain, whether it’s a buy-one-get-one deal on coffee at the supermarket or the possibility of winning a whole year’s worth of free oil changes.
Marketers dislike using terms like “manipulate” to describe their work, yet one of the most effective tactics is to use people’s desire to receive something of value without paying for it. read more

Five Common Errors People Make While Preparing Social Media Content

Most social media marketers would be lost without the use of a social media content schedule. It incorporates all the important dates for your company, keeps you consistent and organised, and simplifies teamwork, among other benefits. These are just some of the many reasons why most social media professionals consider content preparation an integral part of their workflow. read more

How To Build TikTok Community For Business Growth?

It’s been nearly two years since TikTok first became a popular app. Those in their 20s and 30s are the most likely to favour the app. And each day, new people sign up to join the party. This social media app now has more than 1 billion members and was the most downloaded app in the world in the year 2020. In fact, there is all the more reason to study how to grow a TikTok audience for the benefit of your online teaching business. read more

What Every company ought to understand About Instagram Live?

Engaging Real-Time Streaming by Hitting Play

Instagram’s live streaming audience has grown rapidly in recent weeks, increasing over 70% in the United States alone. It’s a method to feel close to someone across great distances and share in the same experience at the same time. Everyone appears to be making the switch to live, from close friends to celebrities to fitness instructors and cosmetic artists, and companies are no exception. Newcomers, especially those with a distinct brand identity and professional reputation at stake, may find the immediacy nature of live video intimidating. A successful Instagram Live strategy requires familiarity with the feature’s goals, operational features, and strategic planning. read more