You Can’t Afford To Ignore These 7 Social Media Marketing Trends In 2020.

The proliferation and increasing demand for digital marketing degrees may be traced in part to the industry-altering impact of digital marketing platforms and methods.

The landscape of social media marketing is constantly shifting, with new developments and features appearing almost weekly from all the major players. If you’re already thinking about your marketing plan for 2020, you should get in on the ground floor of the shifts in the industry. read more

Tips for Creating a Powerful Instagram Profile for Your Business

Recent statistics reveal that there are 800 million monthly active Instagram users throughout the globe. Facebook’s photo-sharing site has overtaken both its parent company’s site and rival YouTube in terms of user traffic. Recently, Instagram has boosted the amount of’recommended posts’ it displays in users’ feeds by favouring accounts it believes their users would enjoy. read more

When A Popular Social Media Platform Crashes, What Can Marketers Do?

It looks like today’s Facebook and Instagram outage will set a new record for duration. The good news is that there is plenty you can do to get ready for the next power outage.

Tips for the New Year

In the year 2019 we inquired as to what advertising should do in this situation from seasoned social media strategists. This guidance (provided from the vantage point of the positions and responsibilities they had at the time) remains relevant even now. read more

Places To Go To Buy Instagram Followers, Rank

Do you wish to develop as an Instagram user? The question of whether or not purchasing Instagram followers is risky or even legal then arises. Companies that at first glance could be suspect are suddenly projecting an image of legitimacy. Now the mystery becomes: how can they attract so many fans? read more

Tips for Monetizing Your Instagram Account

Instagram’s current level of popularity has opened up countless possibilities for monetization.

Despite the success of tried-and-true methods like sponsored content and partnerships, we explore some novel approaches to monetizing your Instagram account in this article. read more

Here Are Five Reasons Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Buy Instagram Likes:

Buying Instagram likes may seem like an easy approach to enhance your engagement, but it will really end up causing you more trouble than it’s worth. This may seem over the top, but it’s the truth. Buying Instagram likes can get your account flagged by Instagram’s system, make you appear fake to your followers, and have no effect on your business’s bottom line. Getting more Instagram likes doesn’t have to involve paying for fake accounts or bots. read more

Instagram For Mac: How To Post Photos And Videos

Instagram deserves respect for not changing with the times. They’ve always been committed to serving as a mobile-only app. Traditional photographers have always been at a disadvantage, needing to resort to a wide variety of workarounds in order to edit their images on a computer before uploading them to a mobile device. read more