Recent statistics reveal that there are 800 million monthly active Instagram users throughout the globe. Facebook’s photo-sharing site has overtaken both its parent company’s site and rival YouTube in terms of user traffic. Recently, Instagram has boosted the amount of’recommended posts’ it displays in users’ feeds by favouring accounts it believes their users would enjoy.

Thus, now is the time to become an Instagram marketing expert. Gaining more fans increases your chances of getting seen by new people who could become paying clients. Make your grid appear fantastic, and you should see an increase in business.

1. Branding and logo creation

Do you have a logo, typeface, and colour scheme that effectively represents your brand? This is the very first and essential consideration. Because Instagram is a visual medium, every posts should be well-designed.

If you aren’t happy with the visual representation of your brand, you may choose to hire a professional design company with expertise in marketing, idea development, and brand identification, such as They will produce a high-quality end result and provide helpful feedback and suggestions.

2. Showcase Images and Messages

The next step is to put your newfound visual knowledge into practise. Make your logo the featured image, and use the same colour palette in all your updates. Don’t forget to have a consistent “theme” in all of the photos you share. Always shoot with the same (bright, ideally natural) lighting and filter.

Make sure your photographs are of a high quality befitting a professional publication. You need not engage a professional photographer; simply get rid of any images that are grainy, off-brand, or appear like they were taken by an amateur. Creating an aesthetically beautiful grid benefits from symmetry.

3. No More Lonely Nights Thanks to Hashtags

Instagram users may use up to 30 hashtags each post, although the service warns against doing so. About ten good, relevant hashtags should be used every post. How can you know which ones are the best?

To begin, check to see how frequently that tag is used in postings. More is definitely better. (But again, it doesn’t hurt to use a few that are a little less frequent, to vary your search hits). Then, research the hashtags that your rivals and the people/brands whose feeds you find inspiring are using. To locate other popular tags that are related to your search term, you can utilise the website

Always use your company’s name and category as the first hashtags! Digital marketing and Rogue Media are two such examples. After that, add other tags that explain what’s going on in your shot.

4. Just Chime In

Commenting on photographs shared by connected businesses, brands, and influencers can increase your site’s targeted traffic. Only remarks and kudos, please! If you have a high-quality feed and the followers of these businesses visit your profile, it’s possible that you’ll be followed.

Fifthly, Make Sure the ‘Website’ URL You Use Is Current

The homepage of your website isn’t the only option for your bio’s link. Put your featured URL on Instagram and let your followers know about any new website content, product releases, blog posts, or videos you’ve made.

5. Recount Your Adventure

Instagram Stories are a fantastic medium for promoting articles or sharing little glimpses of your business’s day-to-day activities that aren’t quite grid-worthy. Don’t be bashful about using it; stories attract thousands of readers. To spice things up, throw in some filters, stickers, and drawings.

6. After Proliferation

nevertheless, not thrice daily. You don’t need to contact your consumers more than once a day, but doing so will keep your business in their minds. Social media marketing becomes a full-time job when your business reaches a certain size. If keeping up with online activity and operating your company simultaneously is proving to be too much, you may want to look into hiring a social media manager with experience in this area.

    Just 28% of marketers are now making use of Instagram for promotional objectives. Don’t wait for everyone else to join the bandwagon before you take advantage of this free form of advertising.