You, as a digital marketer, likely know that email marketing has a high return on investment.

Yet, other well-known digital marketing platforms, such as social media, can provide significant outcomes. The majority of companies nowadays use social media marketing to expand their consumer base, increase brand recognition, find new customers, and find qualified leads regardless of their sector.

It’s a no-brainer to combine email marketing with social media because of the former’s unparalleled return on investment and the latter’s ability to reach specific audiences in real time. Benefits that neither channel could supply alone will be yours to keep once you combine them.

This article will discuss some methods for integrating social media and email marketing.

Get more people on your email list by using social media

There are presently 2.56 billion people using social media platforms worldwide, with an estimated 68% of these users being adults. That’s a lot of people who may be interested in receiving your emails but whom you haven’t yet contacted.

Grow your email list by utilising your social media accounts. The addition of a registration form to your Facebook profile is one option. A subscription form may be quickly and simply added to a Facebook page with the help of several email marketing providers.

Enable your emails to be sent around

The fact that most individuals check their emails many times each day is a key plus for email marketing. The typical user checks their inbox 74 times a day. Here’s a great opportunity to employ email marketing to get new social media followers and spread your message further afield.

Motivate your email list to become viral by suggesting they share your best content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. If you want people to share your email, put the share buttons in a visible place. This makes it easy for your email subscribers to broadcast new posts to their social media and professional networks.

You may even base some content on a conversation you had with one of your fans on social media. Someone may have posed a thought-provoking question in the comments area of one of your blogs, resulting in a fruitful exchange that you feel is worth highlighting.

This is a terrific method to demonstrate people that you value their opinions and are not treating them like a set of statistics. Using a more personable approach to advertising might help gain significant traction.

If you’re mentioning a social media campaign in an email, it would be more effective if you included a specific hashtag for that campaign. Because of this, your social media followers will be drawn in to your campaigns and encouraged to join the dialogue. Providing rewards is a great way to attract new fans. Several businesses, for instance, host Facebook contests for the express purpose of strengthening ties with existing fans and attracting new ones. Afterwards, you may use email to spread the word about the contests you’re hosting.

Promote newsletters via social media

A company’s email marketing plan is not complete without email newsletters. You invest a lot of time and energy crafting excellent emails; why not spread the word about them?

Provide a taste of what’s in store for followers who aren’t yet subscribers. Share a sample of your newsletters on social media and encourage followers to sign up for further information. In addition, don’t forget to end on a call to action!

Get more subscribers by using retargeting

Email list expansion using retargeting advertisements is highly efficient. While these advertising function similarly to pay-per-click (PPC) ads, they only appear to those who have already expressed interest in your business by visiting your website.

Displaying such advertisements on social media is one option. Users who visit your site but don’t sign up will still be exposed to list advertising on their social media channels.

There’s a good chance they’d be interested in what you have to offer. Just think of these retargeting advertisements as giving them a second chance to take advantage of your offer.

Put your schedules for social media and email marketing together

Last but not least, you must integrate your email marketing and social media campaigns. It’s the key to ensuring the highest quality outcomes.

You can’t only rely on social media or email as standalone platforms. Some businesses plan out their email marketing strategies for a whole year before realising they should have included tweeting newsletter reminders.

Some businesses actively encourage consumers to share emails on social media, while others just put follow buttons in email signatures.

Successfully integrating social media and email marketing requires narrowing down on a single objective and then determining how best to use both channels to achieve that objective. As a result, it’s possible that the two networks will collaborate on marketing.

Let’s imagine you want to increase conversions in order to boost sales and income. A larger number of email subscribers may be needed to achieve this goal.

You need to think of a lot of interesting things to write about in your newsletter (and don’t forget that catchy subject lines increase clickthroughs). Each new email would require its own unique social media promotion piece. If readers of your newsletter aren’t already following you on social media, you should encourage them to do so in each issue.

You may boost your social proof and attract more followers by amassing a large social media following. Your company’s reputation will rise as a result of this virtuous cycle.