Instagram’s user base already exceeds a billion, and it continues to increase every day. It might be challenging to identify your people among the sea of users on the network. The Instagram community is more saturated than ever before, making it harder to gain a following, but not impossible.

Whether you’re just getting started with Instagram or want to give your account a new lease on life after its growth has stalled, you’ll find plenty of advice here to give it a much-needed boost.

How to attract more Instagram followers?

The key to expanding your fan base is attracting genuine Instagram followers. Buy Instagram followers fast and your account will suffer in the long term, but anyone can do it. Read on if you want to discover how to gain followers on Instagram in a natural way. These are some tried-and-true methods that have helped us build a loyal following on Instagram.

Improve your Instagram account so that you may gain followers naturally

Use your Instagram profile as a snapshot of who you are and what you stand for. That’s why it’s important to provide a strong signal to everyone who could become a follower. Potential Instagram followers may learn a lot about you and what you stand for through your profile, which contains your username, name, profile photo, bio, and link.

Make good use of your profile’s allotted real estate to attract new followers and retain the attention of your existing fan base. Boost your Instagram popularity by following these guidelines.

You should identify yourself by your given name. Provide your name in the space provided when you set up your profile. You don’t use this as your username. By going by your actual name, you’ll earn your fans’ confidence faster. You may use this space to include a few keywords in your profile name, but keep in mind that Instagram only allows 30 characters.
Up to 150 characters are allowed in your Instagram bio. To increase your Instagram following, use it to promote both yourself and your feed. Your bio should not only describe the content of your feed, but also show some of your personality in order to keep people interested in following you.
Find a recent, high-quality photo of oneself in good lighting. Including a photo of yourself to your Instagram profile shows your audience that there is a real person behind the phone. You may hold your kitten, your camera, or a rolling pin to illustrate your point if you choose.
Think carefully about the source you choose to connect to. Instagram profiles can only have one external link. You may use it to market your Etsy shop, online portfolio, blog, or YouTube channel. This is useful for expanding your online fanbase across several channels, not just Instagram.

The key to Instagram success is regular posting

Instagram users that are inconsistent tend to have a smaller following. Do I need to write anything new every day? No, but you should make and keep to a content calendar anyway.

To view your Instagram analytics, navigate to your profile and select “Analytics” from the drop-down menu that appears. After that, go to “Insights” > “Your Audience” > “Most Active Hours”. Learn the times of day when your target audience is most active on Instagram by consulting this data.

Using this data to your advantage, you can boost your reach by publishing on days and hours when your target demographic is most likely to be online. That’s a terrific method for connecting with your Instagram audience and attracting new ones.

Create genuine, extensive captions to increase your Instagram following

You’ve probably heard that posting high-quality photographs will lead to the most interaction and followers on Instagram, but that’s just half the story. You should also include insightful captions that will attract and keep your Instagram followers interested.

Your Instagram followers are interested in learning more about you, so be vulnerable in your captions. A higher level of interaction with your posts will increase the exposure they receive on Instagram. Your Instagram following will expand at a faster rate if more people view your posts.

After engrossing your audience with a captivating tale in your caption, leaving them with a question will encourage them to share their thoughts. Increasing engagement on Instagram posts and organic follower growth may be achieved in this manner.

Use tags to identify the location and account that posted the relevant photo

Do you want more Instagram followers but don’t want to devote your life to the platform? Do some digging into your intended demographic and begin tagging accounts and places to increase the visibility of your images and videos.

When you geotag an update, it will appear in related photo searches. This is fantastic for images taken in exotic or remote locations. In addition, you may use hash tags to increase the likelihood that popular accounts will share your content. To increase your Instagram following, it helps to have your unique photographs and videos published by a more popular account.

Photographers tagged in posts can be seen on thousands of profiles, but tracking them out can be a hassle. Instagram’s Explore tab is a good starting point because it showcases the service’s most popular users and their greatest posts. To discover if they highlight emerging photographers, simply browse on some of the accounts. Start tagging and commenting on the stuff posted by your desired account after you’ve identified it.

Make use of the “cross-post” function to share your Instagram posts

Do you also use other social networking sites like Twitter and YouTube? You should occasionally promote your Instagram account on your other channels to increase the amount of people following you there. Instagram allows you to schedule posts to be published on other platforms at regular intervals.