Humans have an insatiable need for giveaways.

In addition, “extreme couponers” aren’t the only ones who like this trend. Everyone enjoys a bargain, whether it’s a buy-one-get-one deal on coffee at the supermarket or the possibility of winning a whole year’s worth of free oil changes.
Marketers dislike using terms like “manipulate” to describe their work, yet one of the most effective tactics is to use people’s desire to receive something of value without paying for it.

Here, we’ll examine how you may increase your Instagram following through the use of freebies and other forms of marketing to attract new followers and possible buyers. Using real-world examples of how this technique might effect your Instagram growth and some cautious suggestions on problems to avoid, we’ll go over the marketing fundamentals you’ll need to consider before running a giveaway.

Just what are Instagram Giveaways?

Instagram giveaways are time-sensitive campaigns in which businesses provide free goods or services to a certain number of users who meet certain requirements.
Everyone who has used Instagram for any length of time has undoubtedly witnessed a giveaway firsthand. Instagram freebies are used by both large and small businesses to promote new products, get new followers, and expand their online presence.

The awards might range from the unbelievable to the… unimpressive. Instagram freebies, no matter what you’re offering (or hoping to win), may generate interest and get you new followers.

Is It Worth It to Have an Instagram Giveaways?

While there is no shortage of possible motivations to host a contest on Instagram:

With the goal of getting more people to share a certain Instagram photo online.
Followers on Instagram may be grown via

This is the ideal combination of outcomes for a successful Instagram giveaway. The primary purpose of any offer should be to increase your Instagram audience, which will happen automatically if the post is highly shareable, leading to higher visibility and impression sharing.

With more individuals involved, your content will be spread further, leading to more submissions, which will lead to more followers, which will lead to more shares… Now you understand what I’m trying to say.

Is There Any Point in Doing a Free Instagram Giveaway?

If you’ve never done a campaign like this before on Instagram, you might be a little hesitant to try it out. That’s a valid issue, and it merits greater consideration.

The adage “You have to spend money to make money” is surely familiar to you. Everything from the greatest enterprises to the most determined mom-and-pop operations face this challenge. There are some free options for advertising your business, but the most majority require some sort of investment on your part if you want to expand your customer base. Investments of time (necessary if you want to increase your Instagram following organically), money for paid social campaigns if you want to advertise on Instagram, or product stock if you want to organise a contest are all examples.

It is up to you alone to choose how much a freebie is worth. Yet it could be simpler to reconcile if you look at the experience as an investment rather than a loss.

The Best Practices for an Instagram Giveaways

You’ve finally worked up the courage to host your first Instagram giveaway, and that’s awesome! But what should be done now? Therefore, the time has come to organise and execute the giveaway.

Choose a Free Item on Instagram

You need to pick out a great reward for the winner(s) of your Instagram giveaway before you can get started with the actual contest itself.
Picking the right incentive is a delicate balancing act. You need to provide individuals a good reason to participate in your giveaway without causing themselves to incur a significant loss on the item you decide to give away.

Choose the Requirements for Participation in Your Instagram Contest

Nicky stipulated two requirements for participation in her Instagram giveaway:

Get on the CATPARTY Instagram!
Only two tags when you share the original content
Anybody who met both of these requirements was eligible to win the prize.
Finding a happy medium is essential when deciding on the entry requirements for your Instagram contest, just as it is when selecting an appropriate gift to give away. The requirements you place on participants should be reasonable and conducive to reaching your overarching objective, but should not be so onerous as to discourage participation.

Choose a duration for your Instagram giveaway

The length of time you provide your Instagram followers to participate your contest is the next thing to consider.

Your Instagram contest’s duration might be influenced by a number of things.

One factor is the size of your current fan base. If you have thousands of followers, it may be more practical to have a shorter giveaway. Although Nicky’s fan base is substantially smaller, a whole week seemed reasonable for him. You should think long and hard before making any public announcements about your offer since there is a risk that it may lose traction or reach the wall of diminishing returns the longer it lasts.

Don’t forget about your global and cross-time zone audience while planning. Make sure it is crystal obvious what the deadline for your contest is, as not all of your entries may be in the same time zone. Another strategy to get people to enter at the last minute is to remind them that the contest is ending soon by posting reminders.

Learn How to Craft the Ideal Instagram Giveaway Post

You have finally reached the point where you are prepared to launch your Instagram giveaway. You can’t accomplish this without first having an actual Instagram post to work from.

Each Instagram account will have a different idea of what makes the “ideal” giveaway post. There are, however, a few things that should be included in every Instagram giveaway post. That would include:

Use of an eye-catching, full-color photograph as the centrepiece of the article, along with succinct, informative copy promoting the freebie.