Engaging Real-Time Streaming by Hitting Play

Instagram’s live streaming audience has grown rapidly in recent weeks, increasing over 70% in the United States alone. It’s a method to feel close to someone across great distances and share in the same experience at the same time. Everyone appears to be making the switch to live, from close friends to celebrities to fitness instructors and cosmetic artists, and companies are no exception. Newcomers, especially those with a distinct brand identity and professional reputation at stake, may find the immediacy nature of live video intimidating. A successful Instagram Live strategy requires familiarity with the feature’s goals, operational features, and strategic planning.

Choose the plus sign in the right-hand corner of the screen

To activate the camera, either hit the + button in the upper right corner of the home screen or slide to the right. Choose “Live” from the list of choices at the screen’s bottom. Now you can see exactly what your audience will see.

Kick Off

Just hit the little “live” button at the bottom of your screen, and you’ll be broadcasting to the world in real time. Your current viewing count will be displayed at the top, with comments following below. You may make your live broadcast more interesting by including interactive elements.


Your viewers can respond to polls and questions you pose during a live broadcast. The necessary sticker is available, and the solutions are available in real time throughout the broadcast. Using audience questions in your live broadcast is a great way to keep people engaged and involved. Using questions to learn more about your target market or to solicit feedback on a potential new offering or partnership is a great idea.

Invite Someone

You and another Instagram user can work together on a live broadcast. Live video can have a split screen of the host and a visitor upon request. Sharing your content in real time with others is a terrific way to reach more people, build your audience, and boost participation. To increase the likelihood of your message reaching its intended listeners, choose a business or influencer that produces content comparable to yours or that caters to the same demographic.

Communicate Your Life

Instagram Live lets you broadcast to your followers and friends at the same time, increasing your chances of an audience. It’s a handy function to have if you plan on discussing something that you know your friends would enjoy. To maximise your audience and participation, you should broadcast your stream to anybody.

Post a Video or Image

You can show your audience photos and videos from your camera roll while you’re live streaming. Using this, you can give your Instagram live a little something more to keep your viewers interested. Bring up images of the new items and services you’re considering releasing, and ask the audience what they think.


If you’re streaming, you can join the conversation by adding your own comments to the box below. You may also choose a remark and then touch the “pin comment” button to have it stick to the top of the feed. This is helpful for viewers who join the stream in the middle and miss any maintenance or notifications. You may modify your settings to hide inappropriate language, or you can disable the comment section entirely by tapping the menu button (three dots) and selecting “turn off commenting.”

End The Live

Tap “end” in the upper right corner, then confirm to stop streaming. Whenever you end a live broadcast, the video will disappear from the app, but you can always save it to your camera roll or post a replay to your Stories.

The first Instagram live broadcast is always a big deal, so congrats!

Live Content Strategies on Instagram for Businesses

Now that you know how to get your own live stream up and running, it’s time to start thinking about how to make your live broadcast interesting and worthwhile for your viewers. Here are some tips for live streaming that your company may employ to put up an unforgettable event.

Groups of Influencers Working Together

Working with influential users can help you reach a wider audience on Instagram and boost your page’s activity. Your company may collaborate with influencers in real time on Instagram Live thanks to the features available to you. You may customise your live broadcast by inviting viewers, conducting an interview, or hosting a Q&A with an influencer you choose by adding a guest list or a Live room. If you want to introduce more than one influencer to the partnership, the live room is your best bet (you can have up to 3 other accounts). One strategy for expanding your brand’s reach is to get in touch with an influential person whose views and values are consistent with your own.

Stream a Live Show or Concert

You should always live stream any corporate events or conferences that you attend. People are often curious in the inner workings of such events, and if you’re willing to let them in on the action, it can do wonders for building trust with your audience. Promote the event and the knowledge that you will be streaming it to build anticipation among your audience. Don’t forget to provide a summary of the event for those who couldn’t make it (another good reason to broadcast it live).

Unboxing of Products

See yourself opening your own packages on Instagram Live. Customers are more likely to buy from you if they witness a genuine person using the product and praising its features. By broadcasting your items in real time, viewers may interact with you in two ways: they can ask questions and they can obtain real-time feedback on the things they’re thinking about purchasing.