There’s no getting around the fact that if you’re reading this site, you’re probably looking for inspiration for unique Instagram posts that may also serve as effective promotional strategies.

You’re not the only one out there doing their level best to get the attention of Instagram users; many others are, too. By 2020, 90% of Instagram accounts will be following at least one company, and 83% will have learned about new services or goods using the app. That’s why making your brand noticeable and distinctive on Instagram is so important.

Piece per piece

You might have wondered why one of your favourite businesses on Instagram would publish what seems to be a cropped image.

Quality fragmented material may stand on its own and support your Instagram marketing strategy by producing eye-catching galleries, while badly done photographs might look unclear in a trickle-down stream.

When you take a huge photograph (say, of a living room that your interior design firm designed) and divide it into smaller portions, you essentially produce piecemeal photos.

Images can be linked to one other in a gallery by using graphics or other design elements. It’s one of the top Instagram growth tactics visually attractive appearance, and many firms will break their fragmented photographs into anywhere from two to six images.

Each photo or clip can be interesting on its own, but when seen in sequence they form a larger, more coherent whole in your Instagram account’s gallery.

By splitting up a single photo into many posts, you may get double as much interaction as you would with just one image.

Cinemagraphs are among the most effective Instagram promotion instruments.

The unique notion of incorporating moving parts into a still photograph, known as a cinemagraph, has been around for some time, and many businesses have already hopped on board.

Instagram’s infinite looping function is used in these out-of-the-ordinary photographs so that viewers may keep watching indefinitely after being engrossed by the moving part(s) of the picture.

After all, Instagram users are always on the lookout for anything new, and a touch of motion in an otherwise static image may immediately catch their eye and direct their attention to a specific region of the picture.

To top it all off, making your own cinemagraph isn’t as difficult as it seems.

Several programmes exist that make it simple and fast to compress your movies into a single animated graphic. What can initially appear to be “just another photo” might transform into a new and exciting kind of social interaction.

Colour Schema

Using colour schemes well on Instagram is a lot like making a cohesive photo gallery; it involves thinking about the big picture. However, if executed well, it may boost your gallery’s overall aesthetic.

Instagram colour challenges are uncommon since they restrict users from posting photos taken at random. However, the premise is simple: for a given period of time, all of your photos must adhere to a predetermined colour scheme. Instagram’s most popular colour is blue, so you could dedicate a week to posting solely blue photos before switching to purple.

This not only aids you in making visually appealing photographs, but it also spices up your whole collection. If you’re curious about our colour palette, I highly recommend checking out our Instagram!

Another option for your Instagram marketing strategy is to highlight the use of contrasting colours. Images with dynamic colour contrasts may really “pop,” and you can still be creative on the go.


Instagram growth tools like pieces, cinemagraphs, and colour scheme planning are great for making your material stand out, both in a user’s feed and on their profile.

So, why are you hesitating? Now is the time to go forth and begin using these interesting methods to enhance your content. Better participation rates will follow quickly as a result.