You need look no farther than Instagram Stories and the Explore tab to locate the most relevant followers for your company among Instagram’s 800 million monthly users, of which 60% are active every day.

Users may find personalised, up-to-the-moment material on Instagram’s Explore page; in fact, no two users will see the identical Explore feed. The more people who interact with your posts, the more likely Instagram is to include your local company on the Explore tab. Your fan and following base will grow larger and more valuable if you appear on more Explore pages. Here are some steps you can do to make that happen.

Tag Your Posts

It’s time to put your hashtagging skills first! Brands who are accustomed to using several hashtags in their feed posts will find Instagram Stories challenging because each Story may only have one hashtag sticker. Nonetheless, there is a hack for including additional hashtags into your posts: Make hashtags out of text and bury them in the copy!

If you’re using a text-based hashtag on your Story, you may make it disappear by changing the font colour to match the image’s backdrop. You may use a hashtag (or many hashtags) in secret, and it will still help you reach the Explore page. Hide your hashtags in the body of your post if you’re sharing something really beautiful and don’t want the hashtag sticker to detract from the mood.
Look for popular and suggested hashtags for your sector or area, and be sure to include your own customised hashtags as well. If you want more information, check out 7 Easy Steps to Create a Successful Instagram Hashtag Strategy.

Mark Your Spot

Instagrammers, much like those on Yelp or Google, utilise the app to look for local establishments. In this light, consider: Increased interaction and sales both online and in-store might result from increased visibility on Instagram thanks to the location sticker on your Instagram Stories.

Include your store’s physical address in as many posts as possible that feature your items or services. place-tagged posts will then appear in Instagram searches for that topic, product, service, or comparable place. In fact, there is a 79% increase in interaction with a post when a location is included in the tag.

Have no worry if you lack a traditional storefront! Tagging your location before and during an event allows your followers know where to find you, whether you’re hosting a get-together at a specific place or attending a conference or pop-up event.

Capitalise on Content Created by Users (UGC)

Utilising UGC is the most painless method of content production. Take advantage of the material created by your fans and followers who are already using your product or service and shouting about how much they love it. User-generated content (UGC) is an effective and (usually) cost-free strategy for boosting fanbases and sales by utilising genuine user experiences and social proof.

Create a branded hashtag and invite your consumers to use it in their social media posts while tagging you to increase user-generated content.

Try Working Together on Instagram

Securing a partnership with an influencer or business that already has the target audience’s attention is an excellent method to get featured on Explore. Consider the following questions about the account you’re targeting after doing some background research on the company:

Do the brand’s Instagram aesthetics mesh with mine?

Is the brand popular among people who share my interests? Do you think there is a shared audience? (Yes, also.)
Do their postings consistently receive plenty of likes and comments? (You hope the answer is yes.)
Is this product line intended to compete with mine? (If so, you’re working together poorly.)
It’s possible to locate collaborators who won’t ask for cash, but you should still be ready to provide them something in exchange for their time and effort. Make sure you and your partner brand or influencer agree on the items they will promote, the hashtags or other stickers they will use to promote your brand, the frequency with which they will promote your brand (and where), the payment structure, the desired outcomes, and the duration of the collaboration.

A strategic collaboration is worth the time, effort, and resources since it may catapult a company into the Explore page and rapidly expand your fan following.