Instagram deserves respect for not changing with the times. They’ve always been committed to serving as a mobile-only app. Traditional photographers have always been at a disadvantage, needing to resort to a wide variety of workarounds in order to edit their images on a computer before uploading them to a mobile device.

Sharing your images on Instagram from your Mac is one such workaround. While it isn’t quite as intuitive as using the smartphone app, getting the hang of it is a breeze after you learn the necessary procedures.

Is a Mac version of Instagram available?

The Mac operating system does not support uploading photographs to Instagram using an official programme. However, you may access your account on from any computer and browse and comment on photographs. It’s a different scenario when it comes to uploading images.

Here’s how to use your Mac’s web browser to upload photos to Instagram.
The process of adding photographs to Instagram from a Mac might vary significantly developing your browser you use. In this post, we’ll show you how to use Safari and Google Chrome, the two most well-liked browsers for the Mac.

Use third-party programmes to publish to Instagram from your Mac.
The extra work involved in using Chrome’s Developer Tools or Safari’s Develop menu is little, but necessary. Using a third-party app is a great option if you’re looking to automate a recurring task on Instagram.

Flume and PhotoDesk, two Instagram publishing applications, stand out for their user-friendliness and design. How to use both to upload to Instagram is shown below.

Flume: A Mac App for Uploading Instagram Photos

You can use Flume to access Instagram on your Mac and do things like like and comment on photographs, increase your instagram users, and send DMs. You’ll need to upgrade to the paid edition of the app if you want access to the upload function.

PhotoDesk’s step-by-step Instagram upload guide for Mac users.

When you want to manage your Instagram account from the convenience of your Mac, PhotoDesk is another feature-rich tool that you can’t do without. It even lets you track the success of your articles within the app with comprehensive analytics. There is a free trial available, but if you want to keep using it, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version.

Follow these steps to post to Instagram from within PhotoDesk.

Launch PhotoDesk on your Mac after downloading it.
Your username and a camera icon will appear at the very bottom of your dashboard. Select the camera button.
Click Open a New Image and locate the picture you want to use.
A new window with several editing options will pop up. The editing features here are comparable to those found on Instagram, but not identical.
When you’re happy with your edited photo, click Post to go on.
Your caption and hashtags may be added now.
When you’re ready to upload your final photo to Instagram, select Export from the menu.

The features you’re interested in using will determine whether you post photographs to Instagram from a web browser or a dedicated app. If you’re posting from a browser, you won’t be able to add media like movies or photos. More functionality is available in the aforementioned programmes, but using them will cost you money. Neither option is ideal, but they’ll have to do until Instagram either implements a web-browser upload option or releases a dedicated Mac client.