Most social media marketers would be lost without the use of a social media content schedule. It incorporates all the important dates for your company, keeps you consistent and organised, and simplifies teamwork, among other benefits. These are just some of the many reasons why most social media professionals consider content preparation an integral part of their workflow.

First, you didn’t prioritise efficiency in your work.

People’s attention is easily diverted from developing a social media strategy by performing mundane, everyday jobs. When they arrive at work, they have to immediately begin juggling dozens of activities, such as replying to your social remarks, updating a posting calendar, reading news feeds, tweeting, and so on. At the end of the workday, they are exhausted and have little capacity for strategic thinking.

You’ll never have time to concentrate on the vital things that may actually aid your business if you don’t make an attempt to simplify your social posting. There are a lot of ways to improve the efficiency of your posting, and an audit may be a crucial part of the planning process.

In order to free up time for social media strategy, SEMrush has developed a variety of solutions that will automate your usual duties.

Schedule and upload content automatically

The scheduling and publishing process for social media may be greatly simplified with the use of SEMrush’s posting tool.

You can establish your own personal posting objectives and build a tailored publishing plan for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn pages all from the same tab.

Send a Message to Every Network at Once

Without ever leaving the comfort of the SEMrush interface, you can create, schedule, and publish content to Facebook (business pages), LinkedIn, Instagram (scheduling only, no publishing), Twitter, and Pinterest. Join all your desired social media accounts and see them listed above the posting wizard:

Quickly and easily share content across many social networks using Semrush.

Just paste in the post’s URL and the programme will get all the images. Click on the photos you wish to use for your article. Afterwards, you can see how your post will appear on each platform by using the post preview window:

In order to improve one’s social media profile, use semrush.

Easily modify and resize your social media photographs using the in-app image editor:

Shortening URLs Mechanically

Posting Wizard has an integrated shortener powered by Bitly, so any link you paste in will be instantly optimised for sharing. If you accidentally shortened something, just use the “Unshorten” button to fix it.

Second Error: Distributing Your Work Exclusively

Maintain a reasonable balance between original product material and content from other sources. The more diversified the group you’re trying to reach, the more external material you should be sharing, thus the ideal ratio may be anything from 70:30 to 50:50.

Find Out What Your Fans Are Into

Having rivals that pursue the same customers as you is beneficial, since you may learn from their successes and failures.

Thirdly, not making enough room for event-based campaigns.

Social media marketers shouldn’t discount the value of event-based marketing as a simple and inexpensive strategy for engaging with consumers and increasing brand awareness.

But the holidays often seem to sneak up on us, and that leaves little time for us to organise massive advertising efforts. In a flash, you see that only a week remains till Halloween, and you still haven’t gotten your goods out there.

Use rough draughts and then go back to them later for revisions.

As such, the option to save draughts of postings is really helpful. Using SEMrush’s social posting function, you can save draughts of articles and promos you’re considering sharing and schedule notifications to remind you to finish them later.

Fourthly, you failed to keep track of your progress, which is a big mistake.

It does no benefit to post only to post. Always evaluate your content’s success and make changes based on your findings.

To discover which of your posts received the most engagement and which ones you should reschedule, head to the Published tab of the Social Media Poster.

Fifth Error: Not Examining the Material Produced by Rivals

Many businesses overlook their competitors’ social media activity while creating their own, missing out on several clues that might be gleaned from competition analysis. By analysing the social media posts of your rivals, you may learn more about the kinds of content, techniques, and approaches that resonate with your target audience.

You may either examine all the data across all the profiles you’ve input, or you can zero in on one rival at a time to learn more about their tactics:

Analysis of Competitors to Semrush

The solution also comes with a report that summarises the content formats your rivals employed and reveals which ones garnered the most engagement:

Similar Sites to Semrush

Next, go back to the report we talked about earlier, Top Content, to learn which of your rivals’ social media postings performed the best.

Your brand’s voice, strategy, and audience will benefit from your careful consideration of your rivals’ social posting practises and top-performing posts. You can achieve this in a number different ways, some of which are listed below:

Or perhaps they’re garnering a lot of attention with their text-only posts. Changing your plan to include content formats that have proven successful for your rivals may be necessary if you find that readers are responding more favourably to one type of material than another.

It is our sincere wish that the information presented here will assist you in avoiding some of the most prevalent pitfalls associated with social media content planning and aid you in maintaining consistency between your content and your company’s long-term strategic objectives.