The proliferation and increasing demand for digital marketing degrees may be traced in part to the industry-altering impact of digital marketing platforms and methods.

The landscape of social media marketing is constantly shifting, with new developments and features appearing almost weekly from all the major players. If you’re already thinking about your marketing plan for 2020, you should get in on the ground floor of the shifts in the industry.

The future of social media advertising in 2020

The prevalence of user-created material will increase.

In 2020, user-generated content (UGC), or material made by actual customers to promote a company’s product or service, is expected to grow in prominence.

User-generated content differs slightly from influencer marketing in that it may originate from anybody, regardless of whether or not they have a huge following.

GoPro is in the forefront of companies who employ user-created material in their advertising. Customers who have used their goods to make unique and engaging videos are encouraged to share them on the company’s YouTube page.

This is effective because the shared videos demonstrate not just the technical capabilities of the cameras (such as the ability to capture quality video while in motion or the wide field of view), but also the creative potential of the GoPro in the hands of the viewer.

People are more likely to buy from peers who are similar to themselves than from faceless businesses, therefore this strategy is effective. A prospect doesn’t need to know the specific identities of the other buyers so long as there is sufficient social proof to back up the claims being made.

Methods for generating user-generated material for commercial usage

Use user-generated content to promote your business on social media channels whether you sell physical or digital goods.

Customers might be incentivized to generate brand-related content by providing special discounts and freebies.

My Livia, a local company, offers discounts to customers who provide feedback on their website.

A special discount code is offered to consumers who provide written feedback on the service. Also, clients who provide a video review receive free product refills for an entire year.

Trend of shoppable social media postings

Shoppable posts let users buy anything displayed in a post, from cosmetics and apparel to automobiles and household goods, without having to leave the post itself.

Many companies, particularly traditional retailers, have jumped on this new technology bandwagon. Instagram, for instance, makes it simple to tag things in photos so that viewers may buy the items they see.

This is effective for increasing purchases since it shortens the total time it takes a client to visit the site, find the product they want, and complete the purchase.

Shoppable articles allow readers to quickly purchase an item or add many to their shopping basket before moving on to other options.

Learn the ins and outs of running successful influencer marketing campaigns for your company.

Think about recruiting influencers that have built up a following among a certain subset of the population when planning campaigns for 2020. Compared to mega-influencers with millions of followers, this group often has higher engagement rates.

Make sure your business’s influencers know how to properly handle communications by developing brand standards. Despite the fact that it’s your company and you’re paying them to promote for you after careful consideration, give them room to be imaginative and authentic in their promotion of your brand.

In the future, social listening will be crucial.

Many important insights that are critical to the success of your campaigns may be gathered through social listening.

For instance, social listening may provide feedback on the performance of an ongoing campaign and shed light on which aspects of the campaign are responsible for its success.

You may adjust your strategy, prolong the life of successful initiatives, or do a full U-turn based on the feedback you receive from the public.

In 2020, here’s how to make social listening work for your company.

For this tactic, you may utilise any number of available social listening technologies. What’s crucial is that you keep tabs on your brand’s health on a frequent basis.

You can see who is talking about your brand and what they are saying with the help of these tools. You may even track what people are saying about your company online to better target your strategies.

Social listening may help you capitalise on industry trends, much like Wendy’s and Microsoft have done with their own product lines.

The social media revolution of 2020 is in your hands.

While it’s true that many fads eventually go out, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a shot while they’re still popular. Determine which of the above-mentioned movements is most applicable to your business’s aims, and then use that information to inform your social media approach. Keep an eye out for emerging trends, try them out in brand-appropriate ways, and push the envelope in your next social media marketing initiatives.