The success of your social media platform expansion strategy depends on your ability to track its progress. A video’s high engagement and visibility on TikTok isn’t limited to whether or not it appears on the For You page, but this is an apparent indicator.

You can track how many people have seen your videos, who you’ve followed, and how popular your profile as a whole is with the help of TikTok’s built-in analytics tool. Here, you’ll learn more about TikTok Analytics and how to use it to boost your popularity on the app.

Analyzing your videos’ performance on TikTok and how to access the data

When your TikTok profile is set up properly, viewing your metrics is a breeze. A TikTok Pro upgrade is required to unlock this function. Creating a profile as a business or an individual creator is a simple and free process.

TikTok account stats and how to get them

You’ll need to upgrade to TikTok Pro in order to access your analytics. To explain how:

  • Release the TikTok app.
  • To access your personal information, select Me from the menu.
  • Click three-dot menu at right corner of the screen.
  • To gain access to analytics, go to Manage > Switch to Pro Account and choose either Creator or Business.
  • Please provide the information requested by the account type you have chosen.
  • To finish, click the button.

As to why I can’t view my TikTok analytics:

If you don’t have access to your analytics, it’s likely because your profile is private. To upgrade to a creator or business account, just follow the steps above.

An Overview of Views on Your Videos on TikTok

You may view analytics not just for your complete profile and its contents, but also for individual videos you upload. I’ll show you how:

  • Release the TikTok app.
  • To access your personal information, select Me from the menu.
  • Go to the location of the video you want to examine.
  • To continue, tap the three horizontal buttons located in the screen’s lower right corner.
  • Choose Analytics from the menu that appears.
  • You’ll be able to see details like how often and for how long the video has been seen, as well as where the views have originated.

Access your complete profile’s analytics in this manner:

  • Release the TikTok app.
  • To access your personal information, select Me from the menu.
  • Go to Analytics from the Creator menu.
  • Contents of TikTok Analytics

Since you now know where to look for your TikTok statistics, let’s go through what kind of information they provide and how you can put it to use to boost your channel’s popularity.

The button labelled “Overview”

The Overview tab is the default when you launch TikTok Analytics. The past week’s worth of data will be shown, including:

  • How many people have viewed all of your recent posts collectively, and whether that figure is higher or lower than it was one week ago.
  • The sum of your fan base
  • What the gain or loss in popularity is among your followers.
  • How many times a profile has been seen and if that number has gone up or down
  • To view information for a different time period, such as the last 28 or 60 days, simply change the date range at the top of the screen. A user-specified time frame is an additional option.

You can use these figures to determine if your content or profile experienced a weekly increase in traffic. By analysing this data, you may determine which video was most successful in drawing viewers, and then utilise that knowledge to inform future content production.

Optional Content

Get information about your most recent seven days of published TikTok content by clicking the Content tab (located in the screen’s upper-middle area). These details will consist of:

In terms of the total amount of videos you’ve uploaded,
Currently, this number of videos
Detailed statistics for every video, from newest to oldest.
In addition, the Content section features a Make Post button that opens the TikTok camera for video creation.

Toggle to the Followers section

Your Followers tab, which can be found in the menu bar at the top right of your screen, is the last one to display analytics. Follower information includes things like:

How many people are now following you

Chart indicating whether or whether the sum has gone up or down during the past week
Statistics on your audience, including the sexes and locations of its members, are called “demographics.”
What your fans have seen from your channel

The music taste of your audience

One drawback of this section is that no demographics will be shown until you get 100 followers.

Analytics of videos are numbers that are unique to each video. To watch them, either go to your profile and click the video there, or go to the Content page and click on the video itself. The analytics comprise information like:

  • The amount of views your video has gotten so far
  • How many hearts it has won
  • The sum of the feedback it has gotten so far
  • What is the frequency of its dissemination?
  • The sum of its game time

Mean viewing durations

Where people are finding the video, such as your profile or the For You page.
How many people have viewed your video and where they are primarily located
TikTok analytics are a terrific tool for learning what kinds of videos are popular on the platform so that you may produce more of what your viewers enjoy. The right audience may be found for any type of video uploaded to TikTok, whether it be a tutorial on how to take better photos or a funny sketch about something you saw today.