Instagram ads are among the most effective in the digital marketing space. Since it uses the same advertising interface as Facebook, it provides a wealth of options for marketers; no matter your industry or audience, you’ll find everything you need to launch a successful campaign.

If you’ve done any Instagram advertising at all, you know there are a tonne of ways to fine-tune and optimise your strategy. Yet how? It’s not always simple to discover the best strategy to optimise your campaigns because there are so many options.

Is Instagram advertising something you’re considering?

Instagram is one of the most influential social networks, and unlike some other, trendier platforms, it has solidified its foothold among our country’s populace. The data below support Cyberclick’s assertion that Instagram advertising is a solid investment.

There are at least 250 million daily users on this network throughout the world.
Brands aiming to reach a youthful demographic will find advertising on Instagram particularly appealing, since 42.8% of the platform’s users are under the age of 24 and 33.9% are in the 25-34 age range.
Instagram is a great way to discover new material from your friends and family, as well as your favourite companies and famous people. In fact, the sponsored material on this network is more widely consumed than on any other network, making it a favourite among influencers.
Due to Instagram’s flexible advertising platform, we are able to tailor our campaigns to meet our specific goals, target our ideal customers, and highlight our unique selling points.

5 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Ads

Figure out where you are in the conversion funnel

Understanding the customer’s journey and refining your brand’s marketing requires an intimate familiarity with the conversion funnel. Because not all initial points of contact with potential customers result in a sale, the amount of potential customers decreases as we progress down the customer acquisition funnel.

The typical breakdown of the conversion process may be broken down into the following steps:

  • The consumer becomes aware of his need (the pre-funnel phase).
  • At this stage, the user has identified a need and is actively seeking solutions. Searches like “how to get in shape” or “more effective exercises for X” are indicative of this stage. Our job is to get the word out there about the product and the demand for it.
  • In the MOFU stage, the user is weighing their options and making a final decision, such as which gym to join. Thus, it is our duty to instruct them in the art of problem selection.
  • BOFU (bottom of the funnel) means that a consumer has researched other brands but is still considering purchasing our product. Time to get all the meat on the spit in the hopes of convincing him to purchase now.
  • When a user becomes a paying client, the funnel has closed.
  • You already know that certain forms of marketing are more effective throughout each of these stages; advertising on Instagram is no different. A person in the research phase is not a good candidate for a “buy now” ad, for instance. However, you should grasp the chance and provide valuable information if the time is right to make a purchase.

Tailor the ad format to your specific goals

You can “translate” your approach into Instagram advertising after you know which stage of the conversion funnel to focus on and what results you hope to see. It’s because different kinds of ads are more effective at different points in the sales funnel. Thankfully, Instagram Ads may be tailored to suit any requirement.

We don’t have a concrete conversion target in mind for the TOFU phase beyond getting people to recognise the brand. Publication interactions and video displays are the most effective forms of advertising at this stage.

At this stage, we hope the user will begin exploring our site and, ideally, sign up for an account. Again, Instagram advertising has a number of ad kinds that may be modified to achieve these objectives, including advertisements that encourage website registration, generate leads, and increase website traffic.

Target Your Audience

Segmentation is an important factor to consider when developing an Instagram advertising strategy, alongside selecting the appropriate medium for reaching our demographic. Instagram has a number of tools for building target audiences for ads, but it’s crucial to understand what those tools do and how to apply them correctly.

Again, your campaign’s goals and the current stage of the sales funnel will determine the sort of targeting you employ.

Be Strategic About Where You Put Your Ads

In addition to the ad format, Instagram advertisers must also consider the geographic context of their posts. To further tailor our advertisements, we may select certain locations to show them. Two excellent choices are available:

Putting advertisements in the Timeline. Here, we may select from a variety of artistic expressions, such as still photographs, moving images, carousels, etc.
Do the advertising in the Stories. By doing so, we capitalise on the format’s widespread popularity, which has been demonstrated to be especially pronounced among Spanish speakers. In this case, we advise going with the video format because it produces the greatest results.

Monitor Your Progress Often

Instagram provides a wealth of information on the efficacy of ads and campaigns along with extensive customization and targeting capabilities.

Without a system for tracking and reporting results, a strategy is incomplete. If you want your Instagram ads to be successful, you need do frequent checks and keep exploring new approaches. It will be well worth it in the end.